Lyvennet Link  ​Special Edition ​April 2020

This online edition of the Link is intended just to circulate essential or useful information about the coronavirus crisis.

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You may receive a more complete edition by email containing reports from the school, the Parish Council and Maulds Meaburn Weather. If you have not but wish to receive a copy please email:

If you need a printed copy of this please phone Nick Thomas on 715010 and I will print and deliver a copy to you.


To every household in the parish from  the Parish Council, Charities, First Responders and Parish Church and community volunteers

In these hard and strange times, we are presently setting up a system for residents self-isolating on the basis of age or underlying health conditions. We are offering support with:

• emergency supplies
• medication collection
• posting mail
• having a chat

and to that end we will be putting a card [based on the Viral Kindness national network] through a number of letter boxes with contact details of a volunteer in your village.

If you have NOT received a card and need help, please ring one of the following and we will make sure you get one:

We would also like to hear from anyone willing to volunteer to support others. As the situation worsens we have no doubt that more residents will be affected including some of our volunteers.

David Graham   715 348
Joan Raine   715351
Richard Backhouse   715325
Alex Barbour    716001

Maulds Meaburn Village Institute

Following increasing concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus and the daily fast changing position with regard to what we should and shouldn’t do, having already cancelled last month’s big breakfast we have decided to cancel our monthly coffee mornings and afternoon tea until further notice. Yarn Group will also not take place.

Whilst we know how much you enjoy our ‘get togethers’ we have to consider everyone’s safety as paramount.

We are only too conscious of the important role played by MMVI in our community, more so in times of need such as the present time and we don’t want people to feel further isolated. The situation is likely to get worse before it gets better and with that in mind we have come up with an idea which we hope will help people at this difficult time, particularly those who do not have access to the internet/facebook.

We are preparing double sided laminated A4 signs, one with a tick on and one with a cross. The idea is that if each household in Maulds Meaburn which would like one, displays it in a prominent position at the front of their property whichever side applies to them at that time, others in the village will instantly recognise if that person needs assistance or not. The ‘tick’ displayed means that the household is self isolating and needs assistance, the ‘cross’ means that the household is self isolating but does not need help. For those needing help we will aim to collect shopping/prescriptions etc. For those of you who do have access to the internet/facebook please email us (as below) if you need help. Given the wonderful community in which we live we are sure that you already checking on neighbours whom might be vulnerable but this is something additional.

For anyone self isolating, we do have lots of second hand books (adults and children) in our foyer and again, if you would like any, contact us by email and we can send you a photo showing the books and can then arrange to get them to you.

Please contact Margaret Jarvis on 01931 715441 ( or Sarah Rogers on 715575 (

Thank YouThe Trustees of MMVI.

Your parish church in April, May and possibly June

We had been hoping to keep the church open for solitary worship as this can be very important, particularly in these unprecedented times. However, we regret that, following instructions by the Church of England, St Lawrence Church is closed until further notice.

No Weddings or Christenings are possible in Church until further notice.  For emergency baptism, please contact the Rector. Funerals are currently only possible at the graveside or in the Crematorium with restricted attendance.

Pastoral Care and Spiritual Guidance

We continue to provide pastoral care and spiritual guidance, albeit not usually face to face.  If you, or anyone you know, wants someone to talk to or to pray with, please contact the Rector:

Revd Stewart Fyfe, 01931 714620

You can follow our services by going to and search “Heart of Westmorland”.  Viewing is free and no YouTube account is needed.

And the people, the human church, WE are still here and happy to chat on a phone, run errands and do whatever we can, especially if you are self-isolating, as we at St Lawrence are part of a larger parish community team called the Parish Coronavirus Support Network. Some of you will have had a yellow card through your door, giving you the name and number of a person nearby,who can help.

If you have not received one but would like to, please ring me, Alex on 716001 or David Graham on 715 348 and we can put effective wheels in motion for you.

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