Sandboxie 5.24 portable Buzby Download

Sandboxie 5.24


Are you tired of malicious software, spyware and malware?

Have you spent too much time deleting unwanted software?

Would you like to create an unknown web link?

Sandboxie presents: Sandboxie runs an isolated location where your program can not constantly change with other programs and data on your computers.

Advantages of isolated cod

Web Browser Safe: If your web browser protects Sandboxie from running, it means thatThe browser is trapped in the sandbox and excludes privacy: browsing history, cookies, and cache browsing while browsing the Internet during temporary files, will be sandboxed and will not be transmitted to Windows.

Secure E-Mail: Viruses and other malicious programs can hide your e-mail. This can not damage the sandbox and infect your system.

Windows Slim Remains: Prevents the Windows Abrasion Software from being installed in an isolated sandbox.


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