Holly Cottage

Parish Council Consultation

26, January 2021.

The Will of the late Ted Relph bequeathed his former home, Holly Cottage, to Crosby Ravensworth Parish Council stating that the home…

‘should be let to some worthy local family applying the rent so received firstly to keep the premises in a reasonable state of repair and any surplus to be used for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish’

Holly Cottage, Crosby Ravensworth. January 2021

Should the Parish Council decide not to accept the bequest then the property will revert to the estate and the other beneficiaries listed in the Will. For the purposes of probate, Holly Cottage has a value of £150k.

The Parish Council has commissioned a detailed condition survey along with an estimate of potential costs from Lewis Conservation. There is considerable work required to bring the property up to a rentable standard and one that meets the legally required Energy Performance Criteria.

As a flavour of the scale of works the property needs repointing, replastering, timber treatment, new kitchen and bathroom, new plumbing and drainage, heating, new electrics, chimneys repaired, asbestos removed etc. The current estimate for the works is £129,000 with a further 12.5% contingency sum of £16,000 for unexpected works. With some additional costs associated with making the property ready for rental the full figure is around £150,000. All the figures exclude VAT as the Parish Council can recover this tax.

The Parish Council can access finance via the Governments Public Works Loan Board which offers funding at extremely competitive rates for terms of up to 50 years. Funding the required £150,000 would cost the Council..

Term  Interest rate  Monthly cost.
30yrs 1.67% £530
35yrs 1.78% £480

The interest rate is fixed for the duration of the loan and payments can be made to reduce the balance at any time with zero charges.

Comparing the above costs to an Estate Agents potential rental value of between £750-£800 per month the loan cost are well covered. The Parish Council could decide to make the rent more affordable and there would still be a healthy surplus.

Parish Councillors at their meeting on 18th January 2021 were unanimous in their support to accept the Bequest and progress the refurbishment.

One of the requirements of the Public Works Loan Board application process is that the Parish Council provides evidence of consultation with the community to further inform its decision to proceed.

To this end we are posting here
Record Photos Jan 2021
Condition Survey,
PC report.

We would be very keen for parishioners to let us know what they think and whether they support the proposals to comment please click here: Holly Cottage Consultation.

Report following consultation with the parishioners can be found here – Holly Cottage Consultation Responses

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About Ted Relph.

Ted was a former teacher of Rural Studies & History at Kirkby Stephen Grammar School. He is a lifelong resident of Crosby Ravensworth Parish having been born and brought up in the village. He served in the Border Regiment in WW2.

He was a former Governor and Chairman of Governors of Crosby Ravensworth Primary School and a trustee and treasurer of the Crosby Ravensworth United Schools Foundation. He has acted as committee member and treasurer for the Village Hall. He served as treasurer of the Crosby Ravensworth Relief in Need Charities and also served on Crosby Ravensworth Parish Council including as its Chairman, He was also a Commoner (Fell and Common Land Committee) and a Chairman of Lakeland Dialect Society for 25 years and until his recent passing he acted as  Hon. President. (https://www.lakelanddialectsociety.co.uk

Ted was the author of a history of the Parish ‘Chronicles of Crosby Ravensworth: An Account of a Westmorland Parish from the Earliest Times to the Present’ (pub. 1982. Ravensgill). He transcribed/edited the Rev George Williamson’s diaries and John Mawson’s Longtown Glossary (of border language) and also wrote a history of St Lawrence’s Church with which he maintained a lifelong engagement leading on fundraising for the restoration of the clock and acting as a Church Warden (over the last 40 years). Ted continued to take services until shortly before his passing.

Ted was a was a long-time member and friend of the Lunesdale foxhounds.

Many in the village who knew him when they were youngsters recall being taken up St Lawrence’s to see the workings of the church clock, of him mending their pedal bikes (and many other fettling jobs besides) and for his great knowledge of botany and wildflowers which he inherited from his mother.