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Escape Plan 2: full movie torrent

Escape Plan 2:

Ray Breslin leads a team of elite security professionals who have been trained in the art of breaking people from prisons into a more impenetrable world. If his trusted operator, Shu Ren, kidnapped and disappearing in prison is already constructed more complex, Ray joins the elite team to helpin salvation

Year after fighting his way to jail is inevitable, Ray Breslin has organized new security forces on the front. But when one of his team’s members disappears, Breslin must return to hell once escapoude.


Stephen S. Miller Ray Breslin leads the team of elite professionals in the areasecurity who have been trained in the rupture of the chain of people of the most impassable world. If your most trusted operator, Shu Ren, is abducted and disappearing in a prison, built more complex, fully computerized and constantly changing his form, Ray must follow with dapamagaynekatorionyazhis former friends.

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